Alain Abdallah Joseph Merheb

Date of death: Sunday, 24 July 2005

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Known asAlain Merheb

SpecialtyLebanese Artist

Date of birth11 December 1947

Date of death24 July 2005

ALAIN MERHEB His real name is Abdallah Merheb, born in Akoura on December 11, in year 1947.He went to "El 7ekmeh" School and studdied Interior Design in "College International". 1968 - He joined Romeo Lahoud dancing group and participate to Baalbeck Festival in " Al Kal3a" musical, met Nay Lahoud the youngest sister of Romeo... And a beautiful love story began.1970 - He performed for the first time as a solist dancer in "Al Faramann", Baalbeck Festival (Romeo Lahoud)His participations in festivals: 1968 - AL KALAA / BAALBECK ( Romeo Lahoud).1970 - AL FARAMANN / BAALBECK (Romeo Lahoud)1971 - MAHRAJANE / BAALBECK (Romeo Lahoud)1971 - AL 3AWASSEF / THE CEDARS (Romeo Lahoud). In 1970, he was doing entertainement with his dancing teacher Kegham in the famous night club "Blow Up".He was part of many tours with Romeo Lahoud Group in the whole regions in France (1969; 1970; 1971) and performed on the Olympia stage in Paris and Le Theatre des Beaux Arts in Brussels. As first dancer of the Group he performed in "Phenicie 80" 1971(Romeo Lahoud), "Min joz min" 1972 (Romeo Lahoud) and "Fnoun Jnoun" 1973 (Sabah). He created his first dance in "Phenicie 80" and became a Choreograph. He signed the choreography of "Min joz Min", "Fnoun Jnoun" with Kegham and "Wa Aydann Hello Dolly" (Shwikar) in Koweit. In the end of 1973 he started the ALAIN MERHEB FOLK DANCING GROUP and signed the choroegraphy of "Singof Singof" 1974 (Romeo Lahoud), "Shahr el 3assal" (Sabah) 1978 and Sabah show 1978 in the "Albert Hall" London. In 1978, he left to Paris with some of his dancers and performed there in several locations. After an engagement of 11 years, Alain and Nay Lahoud the youngest sister of Romeo Lahoud, got maried in Paris and later had Elias (1980), Issam (1983) and Raphael (1989). He went performing with his group all around the Middle East till 1982, when he decided to stop dancing and dedicate himself to choreography and signed "Yasmine' (Romeo Lahoud) 1980, "Superstar" (Romeo Lahoud) 1982, "The Lebanese Nights" (Romeo Lahoud) Jerash Festival 1987 and Byblos Festival in the same year, "Layali Zamann" (Romeo Lahoud) 1995. As they were rehersing for "The Lebanese Nights" (1987), Romeo Lahoud proposed him to sing in the show. He accepted and it was his first appearance as a folk singer on stage. Alain Merheb was the first to sing Houwara, Dal3ouna, Hweydalak' 3ataba etc. in a time people had forgot them... He performed all over the Lebanese regions, towns and villages, Arab Countries (Saoudi Kingdom, Koweit, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Syria, etc) .USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Denmark ... He had 5 albums edited : Malek el Howara 1 in 1992, Malek el Howara 2 in 1994, Malek el Howara 3 in 1996, Malek el howara 4 in 1999 and Malek el Howara 5 in 2000. In 2005, an agressive cancer took him away from his beloved and he deceased on July 24, 2005.


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