About Khoolood

Khoolood is a tri-lingual website founded in 2014, and dedicated for our beloved ones who left us too soon, as Khoolood believes that Every Person in Life has a Story that deserves to be told, preserved and shared.

Khoolood is a platform to put together departed persons that have made a difference in their community all over the world. It is here that you can create an everlasting tribute, a memory, of someone special you have loved and lost. Our website is not about death; it’s about life, the life of people who were very special to their families and to their small community. It’s about appreciating the beautiful gift of being alive and taking the time to remember those who are no longer with us, and those that are still alive in our memories.

Khoolood was created to be the online source of obituary news, by taking advantage of a wide range of advanced technologies to better serve communities worldwide. It is well known that community’s still has in its mores and habits the duty and obligation to calm the grief of family and friends who lost their loved ones. Every person in life is always related to Communities (Family, Neighborhood, Village, House of Prayers, and Professional Associations…). For this purpose we have created tools of communications with these Communities that helps every person to search and join communities of interest with simple steps.

Khoolood provides a communication platform for readers to express condolences and share remembrances of loved ones.

We hopae our website will help you share your memories, and help you sooth your grief by bringing a positive perspective to your memories.