Louis Albert Heindrich Denninger

Date of death: Sunday, 11 October 1998

Known asRichard Denning

SpecialtyAmerican actor

Date of birth27 March 1914

Date of death11 October 1998

Richard Denning (March 27, 1914 - October 11, 1998) was an American actor best known for starring in science fiction films of the 1950s, including Unknown Island (1948), Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954), Target Earth (1954), Day the World Ended (1955), Creature with the Atom Brain (1955), and The Black Scorpion (1957). Denning also appeared in the film An Affair to Remember (1957) with Cary Grant and on radio with Lucille Ball as George Cooper in My Favorite Husband (1948-1951), the forerunner of television's I Love Lucy. Biography: Denning was born as Louis Albert Heindrich Denninger, Jr., in Poughkeepsie, New York. He became an actor, best known for his recurring starring roles in various science fiction and horror films of the 1950s. In later life, he had a recurring role as the fictitious governor of Hawaii, Paul Jameson, in the CBS television crime drama series, Hawaii Five-O (1968-1980), starring Jack Lord. He also starred as the title character in the detective series Michael Shayne (1960-1961) and shared title billing with Barbara Britton in the detective series Mr. and Mrs. North (1952-1954). He was later cast as Dr. Greg Graham in the 1959 series, The Flying Doctor. He appeared three times on the ABC religion anthology series Crossroads, as Dr. Ira Langston in "Chinese Checkers" (1955) and as the Reverend George Bolton in "The Bowery Bishop" and as the Reverend Lloyd E. Williams in "The Pure White Orchid" (both 1956). According to Denning, his military service during World War II in the United States Navy, effectively disrupted his acting career, and after his discharge from military service it would be another year and a half before Paramount Pictures offered Denning any more acting work. During that time period, Denning and his family lived in a mobile home that he alternately parked at Malibu and Palm Springs. His period of unemployment ended when he was hired to star on the radio opposite Lucille Ball in My Favorite Husband. Denning later appeared in several 'B' crime drama films before starring in a number of science fiction and horror films. In 1957, he began the first of what would become a steady series of television appearances, usually as a supporting character, though he did star briefly in two television dramas, The Flying Doctor (1959), and Michael Shayne (1960-61). In 1968, Denning completed his last film, a comedy titled I Sailed to Tahiti with an All-Girl Crew. Semi-retired and living on the island of Maui with his wife, Denning was contacted by producer Leonard Freeman, offered him the supporing role as the governor of Hawaii in the TV detective series, Hawaii Five-O. In order to persuade Denning to sign on in the recurring role, Freeman guaranteed Denning five-hour days and a four-day work week. Personal life: Denning was married to 1940s horror film queen Evelyn Ankers (co-star of The Wolf Man), who retired from films at the age of thirty-two after they were married. After Ankers' death from cancer in 1985, Denning married Patricia Leffingwell. Filmography: Film and television Year Title Role Notes 1937 Hold 'em Navy Midshipman Jepson 1937 Wells Fargo uncredited 1938 Buccaneer, TheThe Buccaneer Captain Reid 1938 Big Broadcast of 1938, TheThe Big Broadcast of 1938 Officer, S.S. Gigantic uncredited 1938 Her Jungle Love Pilot 1938 College Swing Student uncredited 1938 You and Me 1938 Texans, TheThe Texans Cpl. Parker 1938 Give Me a Sailor Sailor uncredited 1938 Campus Confessions Buck Hogan 1938 King of Alcatraz Harry Vay 1938 Touchdown Army Cadet uncredited 1938 Arkansas Traveler, TheThe Arkansas Traveler 1938 Illegal Traffic Silk Patterson 1938 Say It in French Elevator Passenger uncredited 1939 Ambush Police Garage Mechanic 1939 Persons in Hiding Powder, Henchman 1939 King of Chinatown First Intern 1939 I'm From Missouri Plane Pilot 1939 Sudden Money Johnny Jordan 1939 Union Pacific Reporter uncredited 1939 Hotel Imperial uncredited 1939 Some Like It Hot Mr. Weems 1939 Undercover Doctor Frank Oliver 1939 Gracie Allen Murder Case, TheThe Gracie Allen Murder Case Fred 1939 Grand Jury Secrets Murph 1939 Million Dollar Legs Hunk Jordan 1939 Star Maker, TheThe Star Maker Assistant Dance Director uncredited 1939 Television Spy Dick Randolph 1939 Disputed Passage Student uncredited 1939 Our Neighbors - The Carters Pilot uncredited 1939 Geronimo Lt. Larned 1939 Night of Nights, TheThe Night of Nights Call Boy 1940 Emergency Squad Dan Barton 1940 Parole Fixer Bruce Eaton 1940 Farmer's Daughter, TheThe Farmer's Daughter Dennis Crane 1940 Seventeen Jack 1940 Queen of the Mob Charlie Webster 1940 Those Were the Days! Briggs 1940 Golden Gloves Bill Crane 1940 Northwest Mounted Police Const. Thornton 1940 Love Thy Neighbor 1941 Adam Had Four Sons Jack Stoddard (older) 1941 West Point Widow Lt. Rhody Graves 1942 Beyond the Blue Horizon Jackra the Magnificent 1942 Glass Key, TheThe Glass Key Taylor Henry 1942 Quiet Please, Murder Hal McByrne 1942 Ice-Capades Revue Jeff 1944 Golden Gloves 1946 Black Beauty Bill Dixon 1946 The Fabulous Suzanne Rex 1947 Seven Were Saved Captain Allen Danton 1948 Caged Fury Blaney Lewis 1948 Lady at Midnight Peter Wiggins 1948 Unknown Island John Fairbanks 1948 Disaster Bill Wyatt 1950 No Man of Her Own Hugh Harkness 1950 Harbor of Missing Men Jim 'Brooklyn' Gannon 1950 Double Deal Buzz Doyle 1951 Bigelow Theatre, TheThe Bigelow Theatre TV series, episode: "The Hot Welcome" 1951 Secrets of Beauty Dr. John Waldron 1951 Flame of Stamboul Larry Wilson 1951 Insurance Investigator Tom Davison 1951 Week-End with Father Don Adams 1952 Okinawa Lt. Phillips 1952 Scarlet Angel Malcolm Bradley 1952 - 1953 Mr. and Mrs. North Jerry North TV series on CBS, 56 episodes total 1952 Cavalcade of America TV series episode: "The Man Who Took a Chance" 1952 Hangman's Knot Lee Kemper 1953 Target Hong Kong Mike Lassiter 1953 Ford Television Theatre Dr. James Baker TV series, episode: "The Doctor's Downfall" 1953 49th Man, TheThe 49th Man Chief Investigator Paul Reagan 1953 Glass Web, TheThe Glass Web Dave Markson 1954 Jivaro Jerry Russell 1954 Ford Television Theatre George Beagle TV series, episode: "The Legal Beagles" 1954 Battle of Rogue River Stacey Wyatt 1954 Creature from the Black Lagoon Dr. Mark Williams 1954 Schlitz Playhouse of Stars TV series, episode: "Tapu" 1954 Mr. and Mrs. North Jerry North TV series on NBC, 56 episodes total (both networks) 1954 Target Earth Frank Brooks 1955 TV Reader's Digest Don Wilkerson TV series, episode: "I'll Pick More Daisies" 1955 Ford Television Theatre Tim Barker TV series, episode: "All That Glitters" 1955 Air Strike Cmdr. Stanley Blair 1955 Magnificent Matador, TheThe Magnificent Matador Mark Russell 1955 Creature with the Atom Brain Dr. Chet Walker 1955 Gun That Won the West, TheThe Gun That Won the West 'Dakota' Jack Gaines 1955 Crooked Web, TheThe Crooked Web Frank Daniel 1955 Day the World Ended, TheThe Day the World Ended Rick 1956 Cheyenne Capt. Quinlan TV series, episode: "Decision" 1956 Celebrity Playhouse William Broder TV series, episode: "Bachelor Husband" 1956 Oklahoma Woman, TheThe Oklahoma Woman Steve Ward 1956 Girls in Prison Rev. Fulton 1956 Crossroads Dr. Ira Langston TV series, episode: "Chinese Checkers" 1956 Crossroads Rev. George Bolton TV series, episode: "The Bowery Bishop" 1956 Crossroads Reverend Lloyd E. Williams TV series, episode: "The Pure White Orchid" 1956 Assignment Redhead Major Gregory Keen 1956 Ford Television Theatre Barney Maddock TV series, episode: "Double Trouble 1956 Ford Television Theatre Davy Jones TV series, episode: "On the Beach" 1957 Ford Television Theatre Charlie Frye TV series, episode: "The Idea Man" 1957 Affair to Remember, AnAn Affair to Remember Kenneth Bradley 1957 Buckskin Lady, TheThe Buckskin Lady Dr. Bruce Merritt 1957 Black Scorpion, TheThe Black Scorpion Hank Scott 1957 General Electric Theater Dr. Mark Andrews TV series, episode: "Eyes of a Stranger" 1958 General Electric Theater Jim Kendall TV series, episode: "Letters from Cairo" 1958 Lady Takes a Flyer, TheThe Lady Takes a Flyer Al Reynolds 1958 Studio One Jack Marshall TV series, episode: "The Laughing Willow" 1958 Desert Hell Sgt. Major Pierre Benet 1959 Flying Doctor, TheThe Flying Doctor Dr. Greg Graham TV series, 39 episodes 1960 No Greater Love 1960-1961 Michael Shayne Michael Shayne TV series, 32 episodes 1963 Going My Way Larry TV series, episode: "Don't Forget to Say Goodbye" 1963 Twice-Told Tales Jonathan Maulle 1964-1965 Karen Steve Scott TV series, 27 episodes 1966 Alice Through the Looking Glass Alice's Father 1968 I Sailed to Tahiti With an All Girl Crew Commodore 1968 I Spy Delaney TV series, episode: "This Guy Smith" 1968-1980 Hawaii Five-O Governor Paul Jameson TV series, 69 episodes 1974 McCloud Edgar Hamilton TV series, episode: "A Cowboy in Paradise" 1980 Asphalt Cowboy, TheThe Asphalt Cowboy Charles Van Heuran v, t, e, Hawaii Five-O & Hawaii Five-0 Hawaii Five-O, (1968-80) Cast Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett, James MacArthur as Danny "Danno" Williams, Gilbert Lani Kauhi as Kono Kalakaua (1968-72), Kam Fong as Chin Ho Kelly (1968-78), Al Harrington as Ben Kokua (1972-75), Herman Wedemeyer as Duke Lukela (1971-80), Richard Denning as Governor Paul Jameson, William Smith as James (later "Kimo") Carew (1979-80), Moe Keale as Truck Kealoha (1979-80), Douglas Mossman as Frank Kamana (1975-76), Sharon Farrell as Lori Wilson (1979-80), Episodes Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Season 8, Season 9, Season 10, Season 11, Season 12, Hawaii Five-0, (2010-present) Cast Alex O'Loughlin as Lieutenant Commander Steven "Steve" McGarrett, Scott Caan as Detective Sergeant Daniel "Danny" ("Danno") Williams, Daniel Dae Kim as Detective Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly, Grace Park as Officer Kono Kalakaua, Masi Oka as Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Max Bergman (Season 2-present, season one recurring), Lauren German as Special Agent Lori Weston (Season 2 episodes 2-4 recurring, Season 2 episodes 5-16), Michelle Borth as Lieutenant Catherine "Cath" Rollins (Season 3-4, season 1-2 recurring), Teilor Grubbs as Grace Williams, Teila Tuli as Kamekona, Christine Lahti as Doris McGarrett, Taryn Manning as Maryann McGarrett, William Sadler as Jack McGarrett, James Marsters as Victor Hesse, Will Yun Lee as Sang Min, Episodes Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Other 1997 pilot, Wo Fat (Khigh Dhiegh in Five-O, Mark Dacascos in Five-0), Edward Asner as August March, New York portal Los Angeles portal California portal Radio portal Film portal Television portal.


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