Nancy Daniel Voskian

Date of death: Sunday, 21 August 2022

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Doreen Khanamirian spouse Saeb el-Zein
Elda Khanamirian spouse Najib Awad
Kegham Khanamirian spouse Maya Traboulsi
Grandchildren: Rami el-Zein spouse Aya Ibrahim
Dani el-Zein, spouse Cynthia Abou Jaoude
Mia and Karen Khanamirian
Fuad and Marya Awad

Related Family

And the families Voskian, Khanamirian, el-Zein, Awad, Traboulsi, Tabourian and their relatives
Are announcing with profound sadness the passing of their beloved mother, mother-in-law, grandmother and aunt


DateTuesday, 23 August 2022

Time11:00 am

PlaceFirst Armenian Evangelical Church, Kantari

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FromTuesday, 23 August 2022

TillTuesday, 23 August 2022

Time02:30 pm till 06:30 pm

Place1 Clemenceau building, 9th floor, near Trad hospital


Funeral service will be held on Tuesday 23rd of August 2022 at 11am, at First Armenian Evangelical Church, Kantari, near Trad Hospital, Kantari
Condolences will be held at 1 Clemenceau building, 9th floor, near Trad hospital from 14:30 to 18:30.

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